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Shells for Land Hermit Crabs

Suitable shells for Hermit Crabs arranged according to the width of their mouth
(s.a. "Hermit Crabs" in "Information"):

Messung Landseinsiedlerkrebse

For measurement please hold the shell in an upright position (as shown in the picture with your forefinger at the shell's top), and measure inside the opening. Please remind that the shell's top is pointing sideways when it is inhabitated by your crab!

The numbers written in front of the shell's names are the opening widths in centimetres (contrasting the "size" in the product's description concerning the whole shell - it is written after the name in our main programme).


4,5-4,9 - Turbo sarmaticus polished
1 piece 14,62 EUR*
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Shipping weight: 0.2500 kg
Delivery:Shipping pause until 01.10.2020
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